Treetop from Below

Join Elise Monday Evenings in June at 6PM for the FINDING & MAINTAINING BALANCE SERIES

June 6 Rooting Down to Rise Up
Tree Pose + Standing Hand/Big Toe

June 13 Extending the Side Body
Side Plank + Triangle Variations

June 20 In Flight
Half Moon + Warrior III

June 27 The Lunge
Master the Variations

Enjoy the small workshop format to develop your practice!


Hiking with Poles

STEADY ONA Workshop on Maintaining & Improving Balance

Thursday, July 7 from 5-7PM

Join Aura Garver for a fun, functional workshop that will help you become steadier, stronger and more confident on your feet. Balance is a concern for a majority of aging folks and directly impacts our quality of life. We want to be able to safely and capably move about! If you feel you need better balance or are interested in maintaining your balance as you age, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Participate in person, online or get the recording.


Aura Poblanos3.heic

Join Aura on INSIGHT TIMER for Guided Meditations Anytime


Insight Timer is a free App that you can download to your phone or computer. Create an account (also free) and FOLLOW Aura . There you'll find a library of what she's uploaded so far and also have access to thousands of other meditations and teachers. We'd love it if you'd leave reviews, like and share her meditations as you're inclined. Make time for ease, intention and you!

No Charge

gong at aura.jpg

SONUS MYSTERIUM - A Journey Through Sacred Sound & Music


Experience a relaxing flow of healing vibration with the soothing tones of bansuri flute, activating rhythms of RavTabla, sacred vocals, a chorus of harmonic crystal bowls and shimmering Sri Yantra gong, in this performance of gratitude for the divine gift of life and music. RSVP required for this sound journey.