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Here's what our past graduates are saying about their experience:

"I appreciated the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the lessons, lectures, and asana practice."

Kendra Peralta

"I thoroughly enjoyed my teacher training..."

Alice Zorthian

"It has inspired an inward journey; provoking awareness of inner patterns and growth.

It has been a rebirth of sorts, a new beginning."

Courtney Tucker

"I am bursting at the seams with deep gratitude.The entire experience of this training

was extremely powerful in mind, body, and spirit. Through the vast wisdom

and knowledge imparted by Aura and Ashleigh combined with their genuine care

and loving approach to each of us in the class, a very solid

sense of community was created."

Lyn Bleiler Strong

"Everything was placed in a special way to guide us on a meaningful and profound journey."

Tamara Brown

"I had an amazing experience and learned way more than I ever could have expected."

Johanna DeBiase

"Aura and Ashleigh are both so steady and supportive and I truly feel confident

in my teaching and in my own yoga practice."

Bella Tovino

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