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Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor

In 2014, I received formal endorsement to teach tai chi from Sifu Mark Parzynski, DAOM, LAc, an accomplished martial artist who was a dedicated student of the late Sifu Gregory Fong. While living in Portland, OR I taught tai chi at Lan Su classical Chinese garden and at Mittleman Jewish Community Center. Before Portland I taught Wild Goose Qigong at the Firehouse in Bellingham, WA.


My background in Western healing arts includes knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology from training and work as a massage therapist (2001-2016). A year-long course in functional neurology, along with continuing education in that field, have brought an awareness of brain function to my approach. As a practitioner of Tui Na and Jin Shin Jyutsu, I have developed a basic understanding of Asian healing arts.


My approach to the art of TaiJi Quan, like that of my teachers, emphasizes mental focus and physical strength, postural alignment, and efficiency of movement through a discipline called Yi Quan (also spelled I-Chuan) as the basis for the moves of an accessible Yang-style tai chi sequence.

Qi gong exercises are included in classwork, with dynamic stretches and breath-aware movements taken from Wild Goose Qigong as well as older qigong forms such as 8 Silk Brocades and 5 Animal Frolics.

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