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Essential Foundations

Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop for Women


Join Aura for this informative, straightforward workshop to support a resilient, healthy pelvic floor. Informed by both fitness training and yoga perspectives, you’ll learn techniques for strengthening within. Appropriate for all women.


  • Basic Anatomy for Understanding

  • Activating/Relaxing for Good Muscle Tone

  • A Practical Series of Exercises for You

  • Alleviate Dysfunctional Symptoms

  • Mindfulness for Enhanced Awareness

  • Improved Stability, Confidence & Comfort

Sunday, November 5th from 10AM - 12PM at Aurafitness or Online


I (Aura) am drawing on my knowledge of anatomy, personal training, and yoga teaching to create a workshop that addresses basic healthy muscle tone in the pelvic floor. This can help with issues like continence, sexual comfort, prolapse, recovery after hysterectomy or childbirth, and posture as the pelvic floor is an essential element of deep core strength. The information I'll share and the exercises I will teach come from a sequence that I have put together for clients who've needed specific help in this area. The results they've had are great.  The exercises are ones that I do myself (and I will share a funny story about a time when I realized that I had not been doing them)! There are pelvic floor specialists who work with women clinically to rehabilitate dysfunction and pain. This is not meant to be a replacement for that. This is a straightforward sharing of info and exercises that have been helpful for me and others.


I know so many women that have concerns about the strength of the pelvic floor, but it's not always an area that is addressed clearly or comfortably. Those of you who do the Tuesday Strength Training class with me online, know that I sprinkle some of this awareness into our workouts. It's appropriate for all and it's important.  We'll make it a relaxed, comfortable session where I think you'll gain some great info and go home with some very clear things that you can do to support yourself and your wellbeing in this way. 


This is a hybrid workshop. You can attend in person at the studio or you can attend via Zoom online. Advance registration required.


Please RSVP using the button below to save your spot. Please specify if you’ll attend in person or online and how you'd like to pay.


$40 Cash or Check


or $45 via Paypal or Credit Card.


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