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Image by Frames For Your Heart

Sedona Aligning with the Elements Retreat


The energy of Sedona is palpable and powerful. It's a geological wonderland of majestic red rock, evergreen foliage, vast blue skies, and deep canyon creeks. We will use the elements and energy there to realign our personal energy, regenerate, and get re-inspired. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water will be our elemental guides for a retreat that includes yoga, guided meditation, and lots of options for hiking and exploring this captivating area. Sedona has been called "a cathedral without walls" and is a place where one's spirit can soar.


The Dome, where we stay, is unlike anything I have ever seen before. In keeping with the vibe of Sedona, this extraordinary structure is like a portal and happens to be situated at the base of one of Sedona's four energetic vortexes (Cathedral Rock). It's spacious, light-filled, modern, and very nicely appointed. Click here to check it out: Sedona Monolithic Dome. Update: the owner just let me know that they are adding a pool and salt room to the property!

Photos from the Sedona Retreat 

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