Tai Chi & Qigong

Tricia Farina started Tai Chi and Qigong training under the guidance of Master Richard Leirer in 2009. She entered the intense 2 year teacher training program in 2011 and graduated in 2013 with over 2300 hours of training. She is proficient in both the Beijing 24 short form and Wu Style 108 long form. During that time she also attended Kung Fu classes taught by Drew Tom to learn the Tiger and Crane Style as taught to him by Master Alex Feng.

Wanting to immerse herself in the history and culture of China she traveled to Beijing in 2017 and met with Daoist Master Gao and Tai Chi Master Dongat at the White Cloud Temple. Then on to Chen Village to meet Master Chen Bing and tour the Tai Chi History Museum. Next stop Shaolin Temple where thousands of children attend school and train in martial arts daily. And no pilgrimage would be complete without a stay at Wudang

Mountain where she was privileged to study with Master Ming Yue and Master Zhou.

In July of 2019 she completed a workshop on Eastern Healing Arts with Master Tianyou Hao, and is currently enrolled in a teacher training program with David Dorian Ross for his Taiji Fit program.