FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26 | SACRED CHANTING: An Evening with Elesa Commerse

There is a deep, rich philosophy behind yoga practice and Sanskrit is the language that conveys this philosophy.


No language in the world can as effectively translate the mystical, transcendent, and divine, as Sanskrit, which predates Greek and Latin and was spoken in India 7,000 years ago.

Because Sanskrit is a sound based language, each Sanskrit phrase is said to have its own energetic nature or vibration. Phonating or pronouncing certain Sanskrit mantras not only protects the mind from unproductive thought, it stimulates certain chakras or energy centers in your being. These mantras are gateways into various strata of consciousness. Sanskrit mantras are powerful, mystical, energetic formulas, that when chanted out loud bathe every cell of your being, every petal of your mind. Each one carries a distinct vibration that must be experienced, through immersion, in order to be realized.


In this workshop, Elesa will guide you in the traditional call and response methodology of the oral tradition of old, helping to ensure that you hear, feel and replicate the accurate sound, so that you’re able to experience the accurate effect of these exquisitely melodic and medicinal sound formulas.

Remember, music has the power to heal - especially the music you make with your own voice. You are primarily a fluid body. Sound travels five times more effectively through fluid than through space. Experience the healing power of your whole body as a sound resonator. This is Sacred Chanting.


Sacred Chanting: Friday, October 26 from 6-8PM


Fee is $35   


No experience necessary. Chairs and song books will be provided.


Registration in advance appreciated. Please  CLICK HERE to RSVP to save your space & arrange payment. You can also telephone 575-758-9733 to reserve.


Combine this with Elesa's Saturday/Sunday workshop "The End of Suffering" for a full immersion weekend of sacred healing.


Note also that Elesa is available for Private Sessions one on one. A session with Elesa is a profound, effective way to move along the path with clear, personal direction. Schedule with her directly by TEXT at 773-793-7777




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