True confession: Yoga Teachers are not good at every yoga pose. Yoga Teachers do not love every yoga pose. There, I said it. Personally, Mandukasana (Frog Pose) is my least favorite. I'm fairly certain that direction of flexibility is not in my genes. If you practice with me regularly, you may have noticed that I taught it for the first time (in a very long time) last Thursday. This is because a wonderful student (you are our teachers, too) asked me why I hadn't taught it. I was chagrined to admit that I really don't like to do the frog pose and thus, don't teach it very often. This got me thinking. Part of the journey of a long term yoga practice is learning to be OK with a little discomfort. It's being willing to embrace the things that come up and not avoid what is unpleasant. This is why a group class practice can be so great! It can get us out of our comfort zone. Ask us to try new things and practice poses that we might be inclined to avoid or gloss over because they are not the ones we like or feel "good" at.  This is what prompts the growth! The evolution! The expanding awareness! So, I confessed out loud to my class last week my true feelings about frog pose. My challenge to myself is to teach and practice Mandukasana at least once a week through the Spring. I extend the same challenge to you. What is your "nemesis" pose? The one that makes you cringe when the teacher calls for it in class? The one where all of a sudden you need to slide off your mat and into the restroom for a moment ;) ? Tell someone (you can tell me!) what it is and commit to practicing and embracing it. Let's be brave and see what hidden treasures we find along the path. Thanks for supporting me (along with a big ol' bolster) in frog pose. I look forward to supporting you! Love, Aura




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