OCTOBER 27-28 | THE END OF SUFFERING: A Workshop with Elesa Commerse

What if you could suffer less by learning to let go more?


If we become skillful at looking deeply enough, we will find that most of the suffering we experience is due to some form of attachment – usually to an outcome. You may know the Sanskrit word “dukkha” as suffering, but its translation much more clearly points to feeling states of uneasiness, dissatisfaction, overwhelm, anxiety, disappointment, fear, craving, grief, and of being unsteady or feeling groundless. We experience many of these feeling states in response to things that show up in life in ways other than what we deem desirable. Therein lies the lesson relative to attachment. Attachment to our view, preferences, likes and dislikes, proclivities, etc. inevitably lead to dukkha. Once we become aware of the points of contact regarding our attachment we can begin the good work of letting go. In this workshop you will identify an area of your life where you are experiencing dukkha and you will be guided in how to loosen your grip. Learn how the core teachings on the nature of suffering, the origin of suffering; the cessation of suffering and the path to end suffering can lead to greater freedom and equanimity in your life. Please bring a journal and pen or pencil to class.


Workshop Times and Fees:


Registration in advance requested. Please   CLICK HERE to RSVP to AURA   to save your space & arrange payment. You can also telephone 575-758-9733 to reserve.


Two Day Workshop Fee is $285 

**Early Bird Discount! Register & Pay before October 5th and pay $255**


Saturday & Sunday from 10am until 4:30pm with a lunch break.


Combine this with an evening of Sacred Chanting on Friday, October 26th from 6-8pm for a full immersion weekend in sacred healing.


Note also that Elesa is available for Private Sessions one on one. A session with Elesa is a profound, effective way to move along the path with clear, personal direction. Schedule with her directly by TEXT at 773-793-7777




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