MAY 19-21, 2017 | Cultivating Durable Happiness: A workshop with Elesa Commerse


“Happiness is the result of inner maturity. It depends on us alone, and requires patient work, carried out from day to day. Happiness must be built and this requires time and effort. In the long term, happiness and unhappiness are therefore a way of being, or a life skill.”

— Matthieu Ricard


There is a way of moving through life, of being with things as they are and as they aren’t, that helps us reside in a stable state of gratitude and grace. The life skill that Matthieu Ricard refers to is the ability to cultivate “durable happiness.”


This is not the flimsy, fickle happiness that is dependent on all of our hopes, wishes, dreams and desires being fulfilled. It is rather the ability to maintain an internal state of equanimity and balance; of wise discernment about the true nature of things, come what may.


Durable happiness is dependable, reliable, substantive and tough. It is made of something. During this weekend workshop we will explore and experience the component parts of durable happiness and will build our internal competence and ability to cultivate and maintain it.


Life is precious – fragile, fleeting and unpredictable. In these times of great uncertainty and stress one of the most valuable things you can cultivate for your own well-being and to be refuge for one another, is durable happiness.



Friday, May 19th 6 - 7:30pm

Saturday, May 20th 10am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm

Sunday, May 21st 10am - 1pm


RSVP by May 13th and get and Early Bird price for the entire weekend at $165

Regular rate after that date is $179.  Attending the entire weekend is encouraged and RSVP is appreciated.


Click here to register or phone 575-758-9733.


No prior meditation experience is required. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

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