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As the "keeper of the space" at Aurafitness I find myself growing and learning constantly. I also find myself in the position of being the voice of what needs to be communicated to ensure a positive experience for us all. As those of you who have been in the studio know, we created Aurafitness with deep intention and a mindfulness of detail that supports the beautiful environment that we all love. As a teacher, I have two areas of awareness that I want to speak to- cell phones and being on time for class.



The studio is a sanctuary. It's a place to come to and feel rejuvenated, supported, peaceful and happy. When we enter through the "yoga doors"  it's important that we honor this sanctuary by leaving our cell phones behind. You are welcome to leave your cell phones "off" in the cubbies or locked outside in your cars. The class room is a "cell free zone".  This allows us all to be completely present and free of outside distraction. You deserve an hour of freedom from interruption!


I know that from time to time we are all delayed as unexpected things come up. In the unusual event that you are late, it's no big deal and I'd rather someone make it to class late than not at all. In general, however, being on time for class coveys that you prioritize and honor the time of your practice. The mindfulness practices that we offer are not slam into it from full speed type classes. Allowing a moment to arrive ahead of your favorite class start time gives you an opportunity to settle in and shift gears. It allows for a moment of transition and enhances your experience of presence in yoga, tai chi or qigong. Being on time conveys respect for your instructor, your fellow students and yourself. Please make it a habit to arrive a few minutes BEFORE class starts and reap the full benefits of a complete class.


Thank you for joining me in supporting a nurturing peaceful place for us all to share. With love- Aura


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