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As of January 1, 2022

We are following the most current New Mexico guidelines. We will continue to refine and adjust our practices to promote the best experience we can for our students and staff while maintaining safety. 


Currently our State is requiring masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. We ask those of you that are coming in for class to please wear yours until further notice.


Our studio is spacious and we'll allow for as much room as possible. We have placed green leaf markings on the floor to guide your positioning. We also will encourage fresh air flow by opening windows and doors (as weather permits) as well as by utilizing our overhead fresh air ventilation fans. Please be prompt (or even slightly early for class) so as to avoid shuffling of mats and awkward spacing after class has begun.


We also completely understand if you are not yet comfortable returning to in studio classes. It is our intention to offer options that feel good for all, so we will continue to offer our online class schedule for those that prefer. 


We encourage you to bring your own mats, blankets, eye pillows and props as needed. Also, our props are here, clean and available if needed. If you do use our studio props, please spray down blocks and mats. If you use a blanket, place it on the stairs after class and we'll take care of washing.


We ask all of our students and teachers to stay home if they are feeling unwell , showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or flu or have recently been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. We recognize that even in strange "covid times" normal old sneezes and coughs occasionally happen! The thing is that during these odd times, sneezing and coughing makes people nervous. If you have a cold, allergies or are coughing or sneezing repeatedly, please wait to attend class until it's all cleared up. A cough or a sneeze in the room occasionally is no big deal at all, but if you cannot stop coughing, please remove yourself from class. We're all needing to work together to create a space for class that feels safe and comfortable.


Finally, and very importantly, we aim to create a safe space for all. We value everyone's right to privacy and choice. We are asking our community to do the same. Aurafitness remains your sanctuary. Ours is a practice of non-judgement, acceptance and respect. We have a beautiful opportunity to take our practice "off the mat" and be the lights of connection and kindness in our community at large.


We ask that we all practice patience and graciousness with one another as we move forward together.



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