As of 10/1/2020

We've taken time to craft a protocol that will allow us to welcome you back into the studio. The following changes are designed with your safety in mind, to support physical distancing and to ensure that your class environment is clean, mindful and compliant. Here's our approach:

We have limited our class schedule and modified our hours to limit in-person traffic. We will expand our schedule as it makes sense.

Our classes do not line up back to back. We are allowing plenty of time for the class studio to be sanitized daily and deep cleaned regularly.

Please use the South entry door that brings you directly into the class studio (not thru the gym). You can leave your shoes out front and please leave personal belongings in your car for safe keeping.

Hand sanitizer and wipes are available for you at the entry door.

We are asking students to bring their own props. For now, our studio mats, blocks, etc. are not available. Please bring your own mat, blanket, etc. for use during BROGA. We offer mats for sale ($30) if you need one.

Class sizes are significantly limited to allow for current physical distance guidelines. Teachers will also be honoring this distance. We're erring on the side of generosity here. You will find green leaf markings on the floor to help you with spacing.

Our studio is blessed with many operable windows and doors that allow us to open up for plenty of fresh air flow. Please dress in layers to allow for the extra breeze!

Our teachers commit to ensuring their health with temperature checks, health scans and wearing face masks when appropriate to prevent the spread of germs.

Mask wearing while exercising is a complicated issue. We are starting with some of our gentler classes because FOR NOW we are asking you to wear a mask. We are experimenting with our instructors to see if they can be heard while wearing their mask. We will make adjustments as we learn along the way.

Thank you for your patience and support! We are collaborating and learning!

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