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In September of 2005 Aurafitness came to be. As long time health and fitness educators, we realized the need for a calm, beautiful space that accommodated a holistic and nurturing environment.  As a result, we have created a training space that not only offers up to date excellent quality equipment and instruction, but that also accommodates a variety of personalities and styles. It is our intention to offer a sanctuary that feels welcoming, inclusive, accessible and personal.

We are a workout studio that offers what clients need to get fit while taking into account lifestyle, privacy and emotional well-being. Our setting allows us to address each client as holistically and individually as possible. Along with being a personal training studio, we needed to accommodate yoga, tai chi, qigong, massage and more. We have created a calming beautiful environment that nurtures and inspires in lots of ways! Aurafitness is truly a fusion of East meets West. It is a mind-body fitness center that gives us the space to help care for our clients. We teach people to feel better in their skin and by extension in their lives. 


From the outset it has been our intention that our space be used only for work and events with positive associations. We also wanted to use the space as a creative cradle for inspiration in whatever form it might take. We have hosted theatrical productions, music concerts, ballet performances, gong baths and a myriad of workshops having to do with well-being. Events that inspire, teach, heal and promote positive consciousness. For us, physical well-being and emotional happiness are inextricably linked and we are in the business of promoting both. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the studio soon!


Aura and David Garver
Owners, Aurafitness


Our Taos studio is something different - a beautiful sanctuary for well-being. We are here to inspire, empower and support you in feeling healthy, vital and joyful! stay inspired

We support #blacklivesmatter and believe in a world where everyone belongs. We reject all racism that stands in the way.


We're working on our reopening plan so please stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can still zoom yoga with us:


Ashleigh & Aura are live streaming classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.


1337 Gusdorf Road, Suite S Taos, NM 87571


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